Wednesday, 4 March 2009


My blog got shut the fuck down for a while, thanks for your kind messages of concern.

Anyway, here's some pictures of the ginger one from girls aloud i collected. Don't you think it's weird how she's known as 'the ugly one' where as in real life terms she's probably a whole lot fitter than anything you will ever get to stick your dick in. Kind of like when a group of healthy young males flick through a porn mag together and judge the girls by the shape of their fannies. That just doesn't happen in real life.

What i wanted to say is i'm pretty slow on catching on to things or understanding puns, word plays and all that crud. I only just realised that girls aloud meant girls being loud as well as yes girls are indeed allowed here.

But one saying i have spent my entire life trying to figure out is, ''i know it like the back of my hand''. What the fuck does that mean? What is there to know about the back of your hand? It's not like there's a map on it or anything.

Then after saying it to someone the other day it suddenly dawned on me. The back of your hand is probably the palm of your hand, because as you look down at it you have to turn it over to see the palm, so that must be the back. The reason most young men know the back of their hand so intimately is because they make love to it so regularly. So that must be what the saying is all about. You might as well be saying ''I know how to do that just as well as i know how to have a furious wank session.'' It was probably made up by pirates or something.

Now every time i hear someone using this catchphrase i just get uncomfortable visions of them rubbing themselves off, and hopefully now that you've read this, so will you.

Was this meaning just obvious to everyone else? Or am i chatting breeze?