Thursday, 31 July 2008

Paradise Lost and the West Memphis Three

I'm sure everyone knows the story. Three little kids found dead in a ditch, so the desperate local police round up three teenage 'misfits', falsify some evidence and leave 2 of them in prison and one of them on death row since 1993.

But it seems nobody has seen the HBO documentary 'Paradise Lost'. The two DVD set is more entertaining and compelling than any film coming out right now. It's more fucked up than any horror film, more fascinating than any true story and more emotional than any tragedy. So in other words it will have quite an effect on you, go to fucking amazon now and buy it.

These videos below give a brief update on the case, with the added bonus of a Dixie Chick, but you really have to see the documentary.

Here is a link for more information:

''Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills''. That is a DVD to have in your collection. Next time your weird friend who seems to know everything about everything comes round and he sees this sitting on your shelf all hell will break loose.

Kirk Davis

I wish i was half as cool as this when i was 12. I love this video.

If anybody actually reads this, and can tell me any info on the song i would greatly appreciate it, thanks.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Arena girls

Susan Eldridge is one of my favourite models by the way.

Arena girls archive link.

Sesame street pinball

The best Sesame Street animation ever, no matter what you may think, this one, is the best one. Funkiest music by Pointer sisters (i think), even manages to bring in some steel drums somewhere. This is one of the all time great screen savers for my brain. I think sesame street animations are a big part of what helps kids brains to develop good creative skills.

Laced with romance

There are loads of vintage clothing shops floating around on ebay, all with pretty much the same aesthetic. But this particular seller has it's own unique style, like something off the cover of an old psyche album. Slightly spooky, but appealing, like a castle with lesbian vampires in it.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Whitney Lenox

''I will murder you if you use my art for anything without asking!''

I love this work. The artist Whitney Lenox is 22, so i think she has a great future. Recently a lot of her work has been used on t-shirts and stuff without her permission. So she sent her gangster friends after the thieves to brutally rape their families and pets. Not really, but i think it would be justified.

copy and paste or click these-

Tenor saw

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Midnight. A poem by Providence Blake

Midnight. The hour with a name. 12 o'clock, the night-bitch like rare eagle who swings down and round on us all like a selfish hunter owl who's yet to be fed.

She waits at the top of the clock face, ruling over all other hours, dictating the end of one day and giving birth open legged, shitting out the next. The time Queen in effortless labour.

The watcher at the edge of the day and the ruler of time.

Time the cunt who kills more people than Aids cancer and diabetes.


I love the use of contrast in this work.


Meet Lady Monique

Introducing The Devil and Psychic Baby

Don't watch this, it was designed to hypnotise you and make you believe that an old man who was murdered lives in your wardrobe. You will one day be absent mindedly writing on a scrap of paper and you will write out a name. This is called automatic writing. Then you will come to realise that this is the old man's last name, so you will type his name into a search engine on the Internet to do some research and you will find out he died on your birthday or something and he bares a striking resemblance and he is actually you in a past life.

''Life is my canvas. I do with it what I will: in prose, through a lens, with paints, on my skin, through my voice, in my heart...''

Friday, 25 July 2008

Thursday, 24 July 2008


Last night i had a dream about a kid i was in school with called Adam who bares a striking resemblance to Agyness Deyn. When we was young there was a story on Adam in the local papers because he had been caught shooting cats in the area with his air rifle. He was one of those kids i was friends with, not because i particularly liked him, but because he lived right near me and he was in my class and we went to judo together. In the dream he had invited me to his birthday party which his mum had arranged at the last minute because he didn't really have many friends. It's imporant to mention that in the dream we were like a strange cross between adults and children.

So when we went to the party it was at this indoor beach. It was just like going to Megabowl or something, but in the megabowl building it was a beach instead of a bowling alley. That's the kind of shit my mind thinks of when i'm asleep. His mum drove us there in her car which was basically like a brown Delorean with wings so it could fly. The car was a model which had been out in the eighties but hadn't ever really had much success (like the Delorean) and his mum was one of the few people about who still had one. It was pretty good fun being flown to the indoor beach in the Delorean but i was pretty shit scared as his mum swooped down to the ground from great heights and you got that kind of dream falling sensation where you never quite hit the bottom, but then i remember thinking, 'she must know what she's doing as she probably goes Tesco's in this every day'.

Then another thing i recall was pretty much as soon as we'd got to the Megabeach, i overheard Adam saying to his mum, ''sorry about Conroy, he's not really big on manners and that, thanks for the party and all the fun.'' I never even had chance to thank her, you fucking idiot, we'd only just got there. As Adam said this to his mum, he had his arm round her. This reflected the fact in real life i had always thought this particular mother and son were a little bit too close, in the way that single mothers and only childs often are. A relationship which doesn't really exist in other families, they become almost like a disturbing couple. Also, once i saw him kissing his cousin in an underpass and he would often lovingly tell a story of how he recalled finding her naked in a bed one time when they were kids.


Listen to the song 'psychic babies' and check the artwork



U.S.A !

Scott Alexander

This is one seriously disturbing character. Scott Alexander is some kind of body building multi-millionaire international entrepreneur. His teeth are made from the finest Japanese porcelain. He takes Growth Hormone jabs to keep himself young, he's pretty fucked up.


Simple pleasures. A poem by Houghton Conquest

Hello Vicky

today i slipped on shit,

it was fresh and warm and green in colour.

Sometimes i like to scrape the sole of my poo ridden shoe with a twig, then hide it away in my pocket before it is safe to plant it in someone else's belongings.

I feel a sudden rush of adrenaline when i see, for instance, somebody gag when discovering this stick which has rubbed small amounts of potent dog waste around the innards of their personal items.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Miss Mosh

It takes a lot to stand out from all the infinite amounts of fetish and alternative models around right now. Miss Mosh seems to convey some extra character as a model which is lacking in a lot of todays photography. I think the problem is these days everybody wants to be a model and the Internet gives them the opportunity, so you have to look at a hell of a lot of shit to find a model whose pictures are as good as these. A truly good model is without doubt an artist in her own right.

Please be warned that some of these links contain nudity, so don't come crying to me when you get gripped with it on the works computer.

Model mayhem portfolio



Deviant art

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Steven Wiltshire

Next time you think you can draw, check this guy out. Autistic artist Steven Wiltshire has been drawing these insanely detailed and accurate buildings and landscapes since he was a kid. I swear i remember seeing him on Blue Peter or something.




One of the most rare, sought after rapsploitation trilogies of the late 80's early 90's has undoubtedly got to be John Bloodbogie's Hip Hop Ninja series. Don't even go trying to find these films on some pathetic mainstream website like the Internet movie database. Last place i saw these available to buy was at an indoor market in Japan. These film's were amongst the many banned 'video nasties' of this era said to have inspired the “Otaku” murderer Tsutomu Miyazaki.

As you can see from the promo material shown here, Hip Hop ninja 3 featured several members of popular 80's heartthrob vocal group 'Talc' as the ruthless street gang 'night funk'. Actually the even rarer soundtrack features several hits from their 7th studio album 'Bullet proof heart'.

The trilogy didn't really gain much mainstream success as it was quickly banned in most countries soon after it's release. However there is a great deal of rumour and mythology surrounding the films. Allegedly it was on the set of this 3rd instalment that Michael J Fox and Tina Turner first made love and it is widely believed that Turner fell pregnant and there is a bastard love child somewhere on the loose.

It's not surprising that the film was banned, mainly due to it's graphic content. This wasn't helped by the fact Michael J was never happy with the way he was portrayed in the scene in which he was brutally raped. I only saw it once on pirate in Mexico so i can't really comment. But this is one of the films i search for every now and then on ebay or at boot sales and street markets, hoping to stumble across the original uncut VHS release.

Monday, 21 July 2008

80's hair do

In the 80's everything had to look like it was from the future, even your head.


Lullie vintage

Lullie vintage updates with a well fit model. And some nice photography. I find these vintage shops great inspiration as an illustrator.


Roots rock reggae dvd

Graffiti fetish

''If you don't know Darlene was Ice-Ts wife that featured on the cover of his 'POWER' LP''

Yes that's right, someones made an action figure of Ice-T's wife, and for some reason i want it and so do you.

Check out artist Insa's work, he has done some serious vehicle customisations and he makes some cool shoes.

Visit them in this order

Sunday, 20 July 2008

I love this program

I didn't even know people like this existed. I only really go for girls who wear minimum make up. When a girl kisses you on the cheek or something i like to smell her natural essence and scent, maybe that's just the serial killer in me. But you can't see who the fuck the person is under all that crud.

Here is a link to the full show on iplayer, three episodes, well worth a watch, but it will only be available for a week or something. I swear that Jenny Frost has had some work done on her face.


I love the way she freestyle dances through the lengthy intro and it's enough to keep you entertained. You'd never get that now, it would have to be some choreographed routine. The unfortunate thing is she really reminds me of one of the women i work with who has three kids and no teeth. So now i find this woman attractive, which is not good as she is also nicknamed Steven Tyler.

Saturday, 19 July 2008


I love this models' tattoos, she is wasted on an ebay shop

Friday, 18 July 2008


I don't know who the fuck this band is, but somebody needs to tell me. It made me think of this...

Funky Dudley


This is a good tip, check out this clothing shop, they have some really good stuff, men and women. The prices aren't bad either. It might be decieving as the asian dudes look so cool in all the clothing and then when you get it home it's just a rag that doesn't fit. But that is a risk you take.


Things you should not do or be involved in

Thursday, 17 July 2008


One serious tune

And one not so serious

Neon Maniacs

Full film below, they have loads of these crud old horror movies in full on youtube if you want to watch some.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I dont like banksy...

...and i never have. I could go on for ages about the meaning behind his work, but what it boils down to for me is the fact Banksy forgot one important thing. Art is supposed to look good. By his own admission he was shit with a spray can which is why he started using stencils. If you look in any stencil graffiti book, Banksy will hands down be the worst artist in it. So his work must be all about the message, art for non-visual people. Art for people who don't really like art. That's why it has such mass appeal, in the same way James Blunt is music for people who don't really like music.
His work is like the emporers' new clothes. He can produce anything he likes and mindless fans will blindly worship him, without realising 'actually mate, that looks shit'. Maybe i have misunderstood him completely. Maybe the fact that someone who can't really create good imagery has become a successful artist sends a message to the fans who think, look someone who is as crud as me can do it. Maybe they like the cheeky messages and don't really care about the way it looks or the level of skill involved. People seem to feel they HAVE to like this artist if they are to fit in with, or show that they belong to any part of related culture. It's quite ironic that they do not question this appreciation for Banksy's art when the very nature of his work is asking us to question our surroundings.

I hear rumours that he has now become another Damien Hirst with legions of oompa-loompah style helpers doing his work for him. Doesn't that kind of defeat the whole art terrorist point of his work anyway?

Even his logo is shit.

This blogger thing is not allowing me to upload an image right now, so i can't attach a relevant picture by the artist to illustrate my point, but does anybody actually care that they haven't seen a Banksy piece.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008


Sometimes it's so much more interesting to see pictures of a girl in her own environment, taking pictures of herself portraying herself the way she wants to and giving you a glimpse into her own life. Probably often leaked from a disgruntled ex or stolen from a myspace.



This was the best toy you could get in the eighties, this is the original 'Gore, the lord protector', or simplified to kong in America i think. You had to build it, or get your dad to if you were special needs like me. It took batteries and walked and you see the head, that opened up and a little man sat in it like a cockpit. If anyone has one, i want it. I think i sold mine to raise money for a Sega mega-drive.

Here is a link to some zoid collectors page.

Some really nice photography here. If found the website through this blog which also has really high quality posts.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Wall-e you cunt.

Whatever happened to originality? And when you do borrow from something or reference a complete history of similar characters with your design, you should at least have the decency to give credit. The guy who came up with this wall-e thing has totally denied even being influenced by any of the above, which only makes you think he is trying to hide the fact his robot is a complete rip off. I can't actually bare to watch this cartoon knowing such an ignorant person created it.
Look at H R Giger's design for Alien, that won him an Oscar. That is the kind of creativity we want to see. It's one thing to remake and sample history, but when people start denying it and we just accept this, then we are in trouble. This simple character rip off is just a small reflection of how we are willing to accept anything these days and we are so easily mislead by music, politics and art.

Saturday, 12 July 2008

Retro Porn

Belive it or not, it's about to go down here. Every one's about to get naked and fuck. Why is it everyone looks about 40 in the old days, even when they're 20. Unlucky. If ever you stumble upon some vintage porn mags, steal them. Make sure there's no insects living in them though.
Some nice photography here


Sean Connery running around in bondage wear with some kind of platted pony tail.

Vintage childrens books

Some serious retro children's book illustrations here.
I love vintage children's book illustrations. There is one book in particular i use to have with these insane animal drawings, then one day when i was about 20 my bedroom got infested with these strange moth things which look like rolled up price stickers that you get on chocolate bars and other goods (you have to see them to believe them). So i had some huge holocaust of pretty much everything in my room including that children's book with the cool drawings and now i search the entire earth looking for this book with no idea or memory of what it was called or who it was by and i feel my life will never be complete until i find that book. There is also a particular scene from sesame street which use to come on every now and then where this skinny seventies black kid with an afro did some crazy funky dance shaking his head everywhere whilst doing a hopscotch, this is another thing i need to see once more to feel at peace with my inner being.

Daniell in Catsuits

''Straight film photography is still my primary hobby.''


Soul funk

Big Brother Bolivia

Wherever it is, it looks like fun.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Wooden Cars

Some great photography here. This picture looks well Miami Vice, she's just about to get on the back of a motorbike and drive through the nite to some synth tune.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Drag Queen/Extra/Adult Industry.

Drag Queen/Extra/Adult Industry.

''I am a 49 year old drag artist looking for work.I have done extra work etc and I have worked in the adult sex industry as TV dominatrix but I would like to find some work at present.Sensible offers only.Nothing illegal.Call me on 07838281xxx. ''
''I am London's only Gothic Drag Queen.I Sing,do Magic,whip tricks and tricks of the eye,wine glass playing,Hosting.Call me on 07890099xxx''