Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Terry Rodgers

Art is all about the viewers interpretation, it really doesn't matter what the artist is trying to portray sometimes. You will project your own meaning onto the work based on your own preconceptions and ideas. I see Terry Rodger's work as big high society fuck parties where celebrities mix with oil tycoons and male models. The work seems to explore peoples body image and you often see a half naked girl admiring another girl's ass wondering how she measures up. The artist seems to be giving us a glimpse into his version of the celebrity world we are so fascinated with, telling us ''this is what's happening at these VIP parties you will never go to, celebrities and millionaires are super humans and they have super human parties where they all casually get naked and fuck and stuff.''
These parties have the feel and the freedom of a nudist beach and that's quite a strange juxtaposition. Looking through his work you can also play spot the celebrity, i swear i saw Rihanna, Joss Stone, Will Smith and i think he's got a thing for Paris Hilton.

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