Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Toilet Girl Tuesday

Send your pictures of hot toilet girls to thanks.
Full credit will be given.

Matt Furie

I'm stealing this comic off the vice website. It just brought back some disturbing memories of my childhood, when i went into my lower school toilet and caught my friend taking a piss standing up with his trousers round his ankles and his bum fully out.

''Why is your bum out?'' i asked. My friend just casually shrugged and replied, ''because it's sexy. I like being sexy.'' Until this day i could never quite look that guy in the eye or feel entirely comfortable around him. Sorry Stuart.

I suppose the people leaving negative comments about this comic on Vice never really had a bum out moment at school. They truly missed out on a big part of growing up there. Also they must not appreciate the artist Matt Furies work. I absolutely love it. I see some hilarious satirical observations of society being portrayed with the use of his strange creatures. They kind of remind me of the fucked up toys you could get when i was growing up. His work treads that thin line between being childlike and absolutely fucking amazing, giving the impression he has the brain of an 11 year old autistic genius. I love it when you see that delicate balance in art.

Dead transexuals. Issue 1

Camilla Decastro was a Brazilian pre-op transsexual adult movie star and model. She had a regular spot on a Brazilian television show, Superpop. Camilla committed suicide when she leapt from her 8th-story apartment. Apparently drugs were involved in the circumstances of her death. She had announced her engagement to her German boyfriend one month before (June 26).

Surely these kinds of alternative celebrities are more interesting than the people we hear about all the time? Whilst they are still alive and haven't lept to their deaths, why don't we see them in heat and sneak magazine or at film premieres? The world is so shit.

Monday, 29 September 2008

FPU project

FPU feat. Tiga - Crockett's Theme (Ocean Drive)

I love this song, but only just saw the video, it deserves a better video...

Thriller doll

I use to have this Michael Jackson Doll. You could get all his famous outfits for it, even a little miniature thriller jacket. I use to make it fuck all of my sisters barbies whilst an action man stood over them with a machine gun for 'protection', just in case anyone tried to get in the way or interfere with the proceedings.

I was sick on it once.

My MJ doll was nowhere near as good as these creations:

You can see more strange dolls on the artists website. Unfortunately the pictures are a bit shit. If you save them to your computer and then open them, they come out better, i don't know why.


Weird snacks

I love people's weird snack choices, they never fail to entertain me. I was driving home a couple of weeks ago when it was pretty hot here for this time of year. As i live in England that basically means i was sitting in traffic watching the world go by. I saw this skinny Chinese guy, about 26-31, strangely dressed in rags, pretty much looking like he'd stepped straight out of the ice factory from Bruce Lee's ''big boss''. He came riding along on his old shopper bike and dropped it right outside the corner shop door, totally blocking any kind of access. He'd already got my full attention with his retro 70's-china, street-boy look. So obviously i couldn't wait for him to emerge from the shop, just to get another look. When he came out, i couldn't believe my luck. He stopped right in the doorway and started going through the bag of goods he'd just brought. He then proceeded to take out a full, family sized swiss roll and a 2 litre bottle of cherryade. What a fucked up snack choice that would be on any day, but on a boiling hot day like this, what was he thinking? He remained in the doorway, now doubly blocking access to the shop and began to unwrap his swiss roll. It didn't even look like a nice, good quality swiss roll. It was the Londis own brand, stodgy looking, dry but oddly sticky on the outside, clog up your mouth and throat type, with only a slither of jam to offer any kind of lubrication for swallowing. He gripped it in one hand and casually tucked into the side of it like it was a chicken wing or something. I was fucking mesmerised. He then followed it up by washing it down with a lengthy guzzle from his two litres of cherryade. That is just too much cheap sugar, stickiness and fizz for anyone's mouth. I'd forgotten cherryade even existed. It was like he'd just got here from 1973 china and couldn't believe the type of stuff they had on sale, so he didn't really know what to buy himself.

I always really wanted one of those rice cakes in the big boss when i was a kid. That was my favourite Bruce Lee film.

Horse X-ray

Sometimes i think Google the search engine is some kind of twisted genius. Like the other day when i told you i was looking for hair on girls navels and it showed me hairballs which had been found within girls stomachs instead. Well this time i typed in 'horse x-ray', looking for an actual x-ray of a horse, but instead it showed me this:

Horse faced Babs Striesand in a see throught top. Nice sense of humour.

Then i went looking for some pictures of the Bruce Lee film 'big boss' and it offered me this:

Which is taken from this website, going straight in my favourites:


Friday, 26 September 2008

Tyrone Taylor - sufferation

One of my biggest fears in life is running out of old reggae records to discover...


Whoop dat trick

I'm stealing this from lords of apathy. I love this film...

small tit girls

Just some pictures of the girl from Makimaki vintage in a see through dress.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Toilet Girl Tuesday

Send your pictures of hot toilet girls to thanks. Full credit will be given.

Wear your dog

I don't really like the idea of wearing dog hair. I remember once when i was a kid i saw this TV program about an old woman who collected all of her golden retriever's hair in the cupboard under the stairs so she could knit a cardigan out of it. I pretty much think that my idea of hell might be getting locked in that cupboard full of dog hair. I bet you if god is a reader of this blog he will be constructing my hell for me now...

That guy actually almost looks like a messenger of Satan, if not Satan himself, laughing at me, ''you know what you've got coming bitch.'' These messages are everywhere if you look out for them.

Monday, 22 September 2008


I was never really into stencil graffiti that much, but i think this artist has enough originality to separate himself from all that Banksy type shit that's about.


An apology

Yeah, sorry about that

Mobile cocksucker required

Look what i found for you on gumtree...
Needing mobile cocksucker to drain me regularly - Age 37

Location: NW London
If you’re a keen cocksucker and you love sucking a nice cock and swallowing a nice load and you’d like a cock to service on a regular basis, I’d love to hear from you. I’m a slim, nice-looking, hairy 37yo guy with a 7.5” cut cock that just loves to be sucked and drained regularly. I want someone who can drive over when I need it, get on his knees, suck, swallow and go. So if you can drive to the NW London area easily and especially at nights, get in touch straightaway. If you can come at night, I can leave the door on the latch for you --- you just let yourself in in the dark, find me asleep or half asleep in bed, just get on your knees beside the bed, pull down my boxers, suck me, drain me, get up and go – all without any chat. Other scenarios considered. I’m genuine and looking for the same. If you contacted me before, I’d be happy to hear from you again as I mislaid some messages.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Stomach Hair

I hate the way most of the things I'm into are so niche, that when i look for them on the Internet, Google gets the wrong idea like a confused Nan and offers me something totally different. The thing is, I have a fetish for navel hair. I'm not into hirsute women or body hair, i just like it when a girl grows that really thin strip of hair on her belly. I once got this girl i was going out with to stop trimming that area and she really got into having it there and being all unique and whatever. But then one time when she was at the beach with some friends, they all started calling her 'manly' and stuff. So after that episode, she would never really indulge my fantasy anymore.
I don't really know what it is about belly hair that does it for me, it's probably just because it seems so rare and out of place maybe. Anyway, when i went hunting for some pictures on the Internet and entered the search term 'girls stomach hair' into Google, it got the wrong end of the stick and showed me these fucked up images of hair balls which had been removed from the bellies of women. Thanks Google.

Apparently the girls chew and swallow their hair during some kind of subconscious habit and it builds up over years in their stomachs without them realising, causing all sorts of problems. It has a name and everything-trichophagia. So now there is a technical term for this hair eating addiction and gradual build up within the stomach, but there is no name for my love of female navel hair. Maybe i have discovered a new fetish and now, in the same way as when someone finds a comet or a hurricane, they will name it after me.

Unfortunately for you i can't even find a picture anywhere to illustrate my point. If you want any kind of body hair on a woman all you can find is all out werewolf style pictures. Please, if there is anybody else out there who is into this, let me know. Or alternatively if you are a girl, please allow this hair to grow on your stomach for how ever long it takes, trim it into a thin, delicate strip and send me a photo to Thanks.

Action Figures

I've still got this Cochise figure in the box, if anybody wants it, they can have it for £1000. I think they've been discontinued or something now... ...but there is a second series. They are 9'' and more detailed with clothes and stuff. They are releasing Swan, Ajax and a Baseball fury. I love the way they have also made the weird looking leader of the Orphans.

I think they are limited edition, only 200 or something. I hear you can reserve them from some retailers, I'm not including any kind of link though or you might get one before me.

Saturday, 20 September 2008

The warriors soundtrack

Many thanks to Dominic at Voodoo village (one of my favourite blog things, go and see it) and Vice for showing me where to get this soundtrack and maybe teaching me how to download from blogs (once I've checked it out properly). Yes I'm pathetically late catching up with stuff. I was the last one to get teletext a megadrive and the Internet, i still don't have any kind of plasma TV.
Track list:

01 - Barry DeVorzon -Theme from The Warriors
02 - Arnold McCuller - Nowhere to Run
03 - Kenny Vance & Ismael Miranda - In Havana
04 - Mandrill - Echoes in my Mind
05 - Barry DeVorzon - The Fight
06 - Joe Walsh - In the City
07 - Genya Ravan - Love is a Fire
08 - Barry DeVorzon - Baseball Furies Chase
09 - Johnny Vastano - You're Movin' Too Slow
10 - Desmond Child - Last of an Ancient Breed
no pass

The file was originally on this blog-

Divas DD plus...

..Packed with extra sweetness... ...Because a handfull is never enough...


'' 1BBWBlkSxyWn4u ''

'' AllThatSweetStuff ''

'' ThkNChocolatey '' In all seriousness i want this one quite bad.

Collect them all...

Thursday, 18 September 2008

vivien vee - remember

When i was a kid my dad's best mate who use to be in the army would pirate every single film he ever got out from the video shop. He had an entire room in his house that was wall to wall VHS tapes. Obviously as a ten year old kid this was the best thing i had ever seen. Especially as there was nothing else in the room except for a humongous model ship he'd built.

He use to give me a plastic carrier bag with 20 films in it at a time to borrow. One of the best films he lent me was the Warriors. I use to watch it over and over again with my brother until i had to give the tapes back. It's funny how different memories are linked to every film.

Everyone's probably seen it but don't forget how good the soundtrack is. I don't think this song is on it?? But it was in the game. I would make all this music available to download from this blog or give you a link or something but i don't know how, so if you have those sort of skills, please let me know. Thanks.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Listen and look

Listen to the music, look at the pictures beneath...


Crossover - Psychic Babies

Mysace link