Sunday, 21 September 2008

Stomach Hair

I hate the way most of the things I'm into are so niche, that when i look for them on the Internet, Google gets the wrong idea like a confused Nan and offers me something totally different. The thing is, I have a fetish for navel hair. I'm not into hirsute women or body hair, i just like it when a girl grows that really thin strip of hair on her belly. I once got this girl i was going out with to stop trimming that area and she really got into having it there and being all unique and whatever. But then one time when she was at the beach with some friends, they all started calling her 'manly' and stuff. So after that episode, she would never really indulge my fantasy anymore.
I don't really know what it is about belly hair that does it for me, it's probably just because it seems so rare and out of place maybe. Anyway, when i went hunting for some pictures on the Internet and entered the search term 'girls stomach hair' into Google, it got the wrong end of the stick and showed me these fucked up images of hair balls which had been removed from the bellies of women. Thanks Google.

Apparently the girls chew and swallow their hair during some kind of subconscious habit and it builds up over years in their stomachs without them realising, causing all sorts of problems. It has a name and everything-trichophagia. So now there is a technical term for this hair eating addiction and gradual build up within the stomach, but there is no name for my love of female navel hair. Maybe i have discovered a new fetish and now, in the same way as when someone finds a comet or a hurricane, they will name it after me.

Unfortunately for you i can't even find a picture anywhere to illustrate my point. If you want any kind of body hair on a woman all you can find is all out werewolf style pictures. Please, if there is anybody else out there who is into this, let me know. Or alternatively if you are a girl, please allow this hair to grow on your stomach for how ever long it takes, trim it into a thin, delicate strip and send me a photo to Thanks.


Pop Lock and Drop said...

I honestly do have that strip on my stomach, but that may be because of my puerto rican/corsican/cuban/lewisham-ian blood. Fuck you mother nature.

Conroy said...

Fuck, you should be proud of that, there is nothing hotter than a brazilian looking girl with that strip, especially when she just got out the shower and it's got the wet look...

Anonymous said...

When I first met my wife she had a treasure trail that I absolutely loved. She had a great body and flat hard abs and I would always ask her to wear belly shirts and low jeans to show off her sexy belly button and the sexy trail of black hair that led down the front of her kept my dick hard and she liked that. She would always get looks in public and she liked that too. Once at a concert I got her to wear a really tight belly shirt and short cutoffs and my dick was on fire. She was teasing me by running her fingers over the hair when a young sexy blond girl noticed and couldn't stop looking. I told her she had a fan and it really turned her on. I unsnapped the front of her cutoffs and opened them up a little for her to get a better look and she was mesmerized. The girl came closer and couldn't take her eyes off of it. I pulled the zipper down all the way and the girl said "That is so hot." My wifes pussy was dripping and it showed in the crotch of the shorts. We ended up back at the girls apartment where the tease continued until finally the young girl dropped to her knees and started kissing and licking my wife abs and hair trail. She pulled the shorts down and licked my wife till she came. It was so hot. My wife started dating her on the side and she eventually moved in with us and is very submissive to my wife and her sexy hair trail.

Anonymous said...

oh god i finally got someone who shares the same fetish with me...i love women with hair on their abdomen..i seriously find no reason why one should not get turned on by that..its like this awesome hot road that leads you from navel to the "place".and according to me its a significant sign of natural beauty.
So if you get anything... please share the link in the thread...a shout out to the girls....feel is SEXY!!!