Saturday, 13 September 2008

Found treasures

I bought a box full of records from a second hand washing machine shop for about £3 or something. One of the records happened to be a NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK album. I didn't go looking for the New kids LP, which stank like it had been buried in the ground somewhere for weeks, dug up and then wrapped in dead peoples clothes for safe keeping. It just happened to be in there by chance. When i took the vinyl out of the sleeve, these four little drawings came tumbling out like spasticated confetti all over the floor. Imagine my delight. There is one New kid missing from the set unfortunately, so i've got the same feeling antique dealers must get when they have an old teddy bear with no eyes or something. They wouldn't fetch much at auction, but i still love them.


Matilda said...

lucky bastard(i mean it in the nicest way possible of course)

Pop Lock and Drop said...

Please sell them to me. You can have my soul, a UK passport and a pat on the head. Who art thou anyway ? Link me.

Joanne said...

for a person who appreciates and loves arts like me, that drawing is really nice. lucky one!

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