Thursday, 28 May 2009


I've got board with English music so i was looking for some japanese stuff, shame i can't understand it...

Shame this one is such poor quality recording...

This one does not need translating i suppose...

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


I am pretty much obsessed with this kind of stuff.


Just getting rid of some stuff, i can't really remember if i posted these before.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Become a woman

This is scary. Some kind of hypnotic brainwash video designed to convince you that you are actually a woman. I watched the first 10 seconds and my brain started to go numb, not sure if the video was working or if i was just still hung over from the bank holiday.
It's probably a load of nonsense but i don't really want to risk watching it, next thing you know I'll be tucking my nuts and pulling my pants up as high as i can to achieve some kind of thong status.

Monday, 25 May 2009

La roux

I just got dissed for saying i think she's fit.

So, i've been wondering for a while...

Is she a lez?

Does she have tits?

Would you fuck with her?

That's basically how the male mind works

Obama worship #2

Obama socks
Obama ring



Where is all the Gordon Brown merchandise?

Bum Aids

Let's face it, we've all been down on a girl's ass at some stage, maybe after you had a few drinks or perhaps it was her birthday? You might even be the kind of guy whose into doing it on a regular basis, if that's the case you will probably also be the kind of guy who eats kebabs when sober and licks the bones clean at chicken cottage.

Do you remember those big bowls in the school canteen into which you would scrape your plate when finished? Then they would take them all off to a pig farm or something. There was a Yugoslavian kid in my school with Spock ears who use to go over to those left over bowls and pick out the odd half eaten hot dog or something. I expect he grew up to be a fully fledged ass eater.

As a man it's probably the hottest act you can watch one girl perform on another, but the question is, is this unholy act safe? Well now there's a website dedicated to the subject. You can send in all your woes to the problem page, for example:
''Dear Ass Master,
My boyfriend keeps telling me that if I learn to eat his ass deep enough, I could lick his prostate. Is that really true?Betty, OH''

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Gay belly fanatics

Nothing ever really surprises/confuses us on the Internet anymore. We've all seen pretty much everything now right? Well, let me introduce you to the homosexual fetish of trying to achieve the biggest belly you possibly can. I don't really know much about this niche, except for the fact it's rapidly gaining in popularity. When i first uncovered this sordid underbelly of the online gay community, i thought maybe just one or two misfits would be into it, but there are whole forums and everything filled with hordes of young bucks trying their hardest to look pregnant.
The thing that confuses me is that they are otherwise reasonably slender young men, who just want bloated bellies. How do they even achieve this look? Surely the weight would just pile on everywhere?
Some of them list their interests as 'feeding' or 'gaining' and they give themselves names like 'Max Capacity'.

How do they hide these monstrosities when they are out and about? If anybody has any info on this fetish please get in touch. Thanks.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009


I've always been suspicious of girls who are into horses. It looks fucking boring, so surely there must be something more to it than meets the eye. Why is it always girls who ride horses anyway? Is it a sexual thing? I know some girls break their hymens through vigorous horse riding, technically loosing their virginity to the animal, but do they actually get thrills from rubbing off against the saddle? Is that what it's all about? Sitting up high on a saddle in the open country air, breathing in the fresh scent of manure, openly experiencing full body climaxes in public. There must be something strangely invigorating about the whole performance.
Somebody who reads this must be into horse riding, so please tell me, does it make you cum or what?

Everyone's probably seen this, but anyway here's the link, don't click it if you're at work-