Sunday, 10 May 2009

Gay belly fanatics

Nothing ever really surprises/confuses us on the Internet anymore. We've all seen pretty much everything now right? Well, let me introduce you to the homosexual fetish of trying to achieve the biggest belly you possibly can. I don't really know much about this niche, except for the fact it's rapidly gaining in popularity. When i first uncovered this sordid underbelly of the online gay community, i thought maybe just one or two misfits would be into it, but there are whole forums and everything filled with hordes of young bucks trying their hardest to look pregnant.
The thing that confuses me is that they are otherwise reasonably slender young men, who just want bloated bellies. How do they even achieve this look? Surely the weight would just pile on everywhere?
Some of them list their interests as 'feeding' or 'gaining' and they give themselves names like 'Max Capacity'.

How do they hide these monstrosities when they are out and about? If anybody has any info on this fetish please get in touch. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Why always the white man? They are all white. There must be something wrong with the caucasion brain surely. Pedo's are always white too.

Elina said...

that is true actually!...

Martorialist said...

Serial killers are usually crackers too.

Crackers will kidnap people to torture before killing them and then eat their body parts or fuck their corpses but blacks will just pull out a gat to smoke a motherfucker and that's that.

2SHIN said...

FINALLY A weird fetish where I'd be considered sexy.

Gonna totes post my pics so I can get stuff off my Amazon wishlist.

Anonymous said...

They can get this big because they take very big air or water enemas. It's easier than it sounds.