Monday, 29 September 2008

Weird snacks

I love people's weird snack choices, they never fail to entertain me. I was driving home a couple of weeks ago when it was pretty hot here for this time of year. As i live in England that basically means i was sitting in traffic watching the world go by. I saw this skinny Chinese guy, about 26-31, strangely dressed in rags, pretty much looking like he'd stepped straight out of the ice factory from Bruce Lee's ''big boss''. He came riding along on his old shopper bike and dropped it right outside the corner shop door, totally blocking any kind of access. He'd already got my full attention with his retro 70's-china, street-boy look. So obviously i couldn't wait for him to emerge from the shop, just to get another look. When he came out, i couldn't believe my luck. He stopped right in the doorway and started going through the bag of goods he'd just brought. He then proceeded to take out a full, family sized swiss roll and a 2 litre bottle of cherryade. What a fucked up snack choice that would be on any day, but on a boiling hot day like this, what was he thinking? He remained in the doorway, now doubly blocking access to the shop and began to unwrap his swiss roll. It didn't even look like a nice, good quality swiss roll. It was the Londis own brand, stodgy looking, dry but oddly sticky on the outside, clog up your mouth and throat type, with only a slither of jam to offer any kind of lubrication for swallowing. He gripped it in one hand and casually tucked into the side of it like it was a chicken wing or something. I was fucking mesmerised. He then followed it up by washing it down with a lengthy guzzle from his two litres of cherryade. That is just too much cheap sugar, stickiness and fizz for anyone's mouth. I'd forgotten cherryade even existed. It was like he'd just got here from 1973 china and couldn't believe the type of stuff they had on sale, so he didn't really know what to buy himself.

I always really wanted one of those rice cakes in the big boss when i was a kid. That was my favourite Bruce Lee film.

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