Thursday, 18 September 2008

vivien vee - remember

When i was a kid my dad's best mate who use to be in the army would pirate every single film he ever got out from the video shop. He had an entire room in his house that was wall to wall VHS tapes. Obviously as a ten year old kid this was the best thing i had ever seen. Especially as there was nothing else in the room except for a humongous model ship he'd built.

He use to give me a plastic carrier bag with 20 films in it at a time to borrow. One of the best films he lent me was the Warriors. I use to watch it over and over again with my brother until i had to give the tapes back. It's funny how different memories are linked to every film.

Everyone's probably seen it but don't forget how good the soundtrack is. I don't think this song is on it?? But it was in the game. I would make all this music available to download from this blog or give you a link or something but i don't know how, so if you have those sort of skills, please let me know. Thanks.

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dominic said...

hey conan, i can help you put up the soundtrack. drop me an email.