Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dead transexuals. Issue 1

Camilla Decastro was a Brazilian pre-op transsexual adult movie star and model. She had a regular spot on a Brazilian television show, Superpop. Camilla committed suicide when she leapt from her 8th-story apartment. Apparently drugs were involved in the circumstances of her death. She had announced her engagement to her German boyfriend one month before (June 26).

Surely these kinds of alternative celebrities are more interesting than the people we hear about all the time? Whilst they are still alive and haven't lept to their deaths, why don't we see them in heat and sneak magazine or at film premieres? The world is so shit.


louisehaynes said...

You have to start worrying when a dead pre-op transexual looks hotter than you.

Anonymous said...

Please stop posting transexuals and stuff and fucking with my brain. thanks

Anonymous said...

I heard she discovered she had AIDS, took drugs and then comitted suicide.