Tuesday, 22 July 2008


One of the most rare, sought after rapsploitation trilogies of the late 80's early 90's has undoubtedly got to be John Bloodbogie's Hip Hop Ninja series. Don't even go trying to find these films on some pathetic mainstream website like the Internet movie database. Last place i saw these available to buy was at an indoor market in Japan. These film's were amongst the many banned 'video nasties' of this era said to have inspired the “Otaku” murderer Tsutomu Miyazaki.

As you can see from the promo material shown here, Hip Hop ninja 3 featured several members of popular 80's heartthrob vocal group 'Talc' as the ruthless street gang 'night funk'. Actually the even rarer soundtrack features several hits from their 7th studio album 'Bullet proof heart'.

The trilogy didn't really gain much mainstream success as it was quickly banned in most countries soon after it's release. However there is a great deal of rumour and mythology surrounding the films. Allegedly it was on the set of this 3rd instalment that Michael J Fox and Tina Turner first made love and it is widely believed that Turner fell pregnant and there is a bastard love child somewhere on the loose.

It's not surprising that the film was banned, mainly due to it's graphic content. This wasn't helped by the fact Michael J was never happy with the way he was portrayed in the scene in which he was brutally raped. I only saw it once on pirate in Mexico so i can't really comment. But this is one of the films i search for every now and then on ebay or at boot sales and street markets, hoping to stumble across the original uncut VHS release.

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