Saturday, 12 July 2008

Vintage childrens books

Some serious retro children's book illustrations here.
I love vintage children's book illustrations. There is one book in particular i use to have with these insane animal drawings, then one day when i was about 20 my bedroom got infested with these strange moth things which look like rolled up price stickers that you get on chocolate bars and other goods (you have to see them to believe them). So i had some huge holocaust of pretty much everything in my room including that children's book with the cool drawings and now i search the entire earth looking for this book with no idea or memory of what it was called or who it was by and i feel my life will never be complete until i find that book. There is also a particular scene from sesame street which use to come on every now and then where this skinny seventies black kid with an afro did some crazy funky dance shaking his head everywhere whilst doing a hopscotch, this is another thing i need to see once more to feel at peace with my inner being.

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