Saturday, 5 July 2008


Where the fuck do these advertising cunts find this endless stream of annoying music. Well the answer is actually sometimes more sinister than you may think. Take a look at this sod.

Some fucking Heinz advert with a catchy little ladybird picnic song. You might think some superior music knowledge advertising man has found this tune by a Swedish folk-pop band you never heard of. So if you never heard of it, why the fuck has it become the new screen saver for your mind. Every time you are going about your business, with nothing in particular to think about in pops the ladybug picnic song. And obviously Heinz are hoping that along with the song, the product will also be in your thoughts.

Well the reason this song and probably many other advert songs are entering your head so frequently is because it was actually the song behind one of those acid trip sesame street animations you use to love as a child.

So at one stage you probably use to fucking love that tune, it has been in your mind since you was an innocent little child. Heinz are exploiting the fact this is already in your memory banks somewhere linked to other happy thoughts and memories of your childhood and they are hoping this thought process will instantly transfer to your opinion of their product/brand.

These are the type of hermeneutics and subliminal thought process tricks advertisers love to use on us without us knowing. Also it's a crud advert.

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