Thursday, 24 July 2008


Last night i had a dream about a kid i was in school with called Adam who bares a striking resemblance to Agyness Deyn. When we was young there was a story on Adam in the local papers because he had been caught shooting cats in the area with his air rifle. He was one of those kids i was friends with, not because i particularly liked him, but because he lived right near me and he was in my class and we went to judo together. In the dream he had invited me to his birthday party which his mum had arranged at the last minute because he didn't really have many friends. It's imporant to mention that in the dream we were like a strange cross between adults and children.

So when we went to the party it was at this indoor beach. It was just like going to Megabowl or something, but in the megabowl building it was a beach instead of a bowling alley. That's the kind of shit my mind thinks of when i'm asleep. His mum drove us there in her car which was basically like a brown Delorean with wings so it could fly. The car was a model which had been out in the eighties but hadn't ever really had much success (like the Delorean) and his mum was one of the few people about who still had one. It was pretty good fun being flown to the indoor beach in the Delorean but i was pretty shit scared as his mum swooped down to the ground from great heights and you got that kind of dream falling sensation where you never quite hit the bottom, but then i remember thinking, 'she must know what she's doing as she probably goes Tesco's in this every day'.

Then another thing i recall was pretty much as soon as we'd got to the Megabeach, i overheard Adam saying to his mum, ''sorry about Conroy, he's not really big on manners and that, thanks for the party and all the fun.'' I never even had chance to thank her, you fucking idiot, we'd only just got there. As Adam said this to his mum, he had his arm round her. This reflected the fact in real life i had always thought this particular mother and son were a little bit too close, in the way that single mothers and only childs often are. A relationship which doesn't really exist in other families, they become almost like a disturbing couple. Also, once i saw him kissing his cousin in an underpass and he would often lovingly tell a story of how he recalled finding her naked in a bed one time when they were kids.

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