Wednesday, 2 July 2008

The Ultimate Warrior

This isn't the ultimate warrior i remember. These wrestler dudes, who spoke like wild beasts and wore make up, i use to wonder what they did at night and where they lived. Ultimate warrior use to try and give the impression his wrestler character was the real him. So if that was him with tastles round his biceps he kind of had a half animal/simple man persona like the bigfoot monster that lived with that family or something, so surely he must have lived in a cave and ate raw meat off of animals he had caught in his teath. He couldn't just walk in to macdonald's looking like the ultimate warrior. Either that, or he was just lieing to all us children and he was really a normal man of humble pleasures who didn't snarl like a pig-wolf. It is at this crucial point of realisation that we as young males come to realise wrestling is fake and the perfect plex doesn't actually hurt. But with this video i have posted here, there is no point of realisation, you know that cunt is chatting shit from the beginning.

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