Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Salute of the Jugger

If like me you are a fan of films set in a futuristic world ravished by the wars of mankind, where heroes wander the barren wasteland eating dogs and stuff to survive, you will probably love salute of the jugger. It's from 1988 and it's got Rutger Hauer in it.

Teams of 'juggers' play a brutal sport where instead of kicking a ball in a net you stick a dog's skull on a pole. It's often criticised for being a cliched road warrior type, post-Apocalyptic scenario of a film with no story line etc, but i fucking love it and it's got something of a cult following. I suppose you really missed out if you didn't see this as a kid, but as you can get it for £4 or something on amazon it's worth buying for fans of this genre.

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