Monday, 14 July 2008

Wall-e you cunt.

Whatever happened to originality? And when you do borrow from something or reference a complete history of similar characters with your design, you should at least have the decency to give credit. The guy who came up with this wall-e thing has totally denied even being influenced by any of the above, which only makes you think he is trying to hide the fact his robot is a complete rip off. I can't actually bare to watch this cartoon knowing such an ignorant person created it.
Look at H R Giger's design for Alien, that won him an Oscar. That is the kind of creativity we want to see. It's one thing to remake and sample history, but when people start denying it and we just accept this, then we are in trouble. This simple character rip off is just a small reflection of how we are willing to accept anything these days and we are so easily mislead by music, politics and art.

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Naddy said...

Oh my god, i can't believe this! That thing is Johnny 5! Fair enough if they want to use tank tracks, but TRIANGLE tank tracks AND the head, that's too much. Fuckers.