Thursday, 31 July 2008

Paradise Lost and the West Memphis Three

I'm sure everyone knows the story. Three little kids found dead in a ditch, so the desperate local police round up three teenage 'misfits', falsify some evidence and leave 2 of them in prison and one of them on death row since 1993.

But it seems nobody has seen the HBO documentary 'Paradise Lost'. The two DVD set is more entertaining and compelling than any film coming out right now. It's more fucked up than any horror film, more fascinating than any true story and more emotional than any tragedy. So in other words it will have quite an effect on you, go to fucking amazon now and buy it.

These videos below give a brief update on the case, with the added bonus of a Dixie Chick, but you really have to see the documentary.

Here is a link for more information:

''Paradise Lost: The Child Murders At Robin Hood Hills''. That is a DVD to have in your collection. Next time your weird friend who seems to know everything about everything comes round and he sees this sitting on your shelf all hell will break loose.

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