Wednesday, 9 July 2008

If you look back at the first post in this blog you will see this link to a page where Shepard Fairey's work is heavily criticised for plagiarism. He often borrows from other artists and reinterprets famous historic imagery in the same way that samples are used in hip hop and other styles of music. When you find out the skull he used is actually from a piece of Nazi propaganda or something, it puts a new twist on the work and it gives you a rush to think, 'ah that's where he got it' just like when you realised the fugees sampled Enya and you was thinking how the fuck did he make that sound so good. So to say it's plagiarism and not to realise the skill in the composition and the arrangement of the existing imagery is very naive and quite ignorant.
Anyway now Shepard Fairey has redesigned the covers for for George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm, you can see and buy them here. Now you have an excuse to read 1984 and realise how it's all coming true and the whole world is fucked.

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