Wednesday, 16 July 2008

I dont like banksy...

...and i never have. I could go on for ages about the meaning behind his work, but what it boils down to for me is the fact Banksy forgot one important thing. Art is supposed to look good. By his own admission he was shit with a spray can which is why he started using stencils. If you look in any stencil graffiti book, Banksy will hands down be the worst artist in it. So his work must be all about the message, art for non-visual people. Art for people who don't really like art. That's why it has such mass appeal, in the same way James Blunt is music for people who don't really like music.
His work is like the emporers' new clothes. He can produce anything he likes and mindless fans will blindly worship him, without realising 'actually mate, that looks shit'. Maybe i have misunderstood him completely. Maybe the fact that someone who can't really create good imagery has become a successful artist sends a message to the fans who think, look someone who is as crud as me can do it. Maybe they like the cheeky messages and don't really care about the way it looks or the level of skill involved. People seem to feel they HAVE to like this artist if they are to fit in with, or show that they belong to any part of related culture. It's quite ironic that they do not question this appreciation for Banksy's art when the very nature of his work is asking us to question our surroundings.

I hear rumours that he has now become another Damien Hirst with legions of oompa-loompah style helpers doing his work for him. Doesn't that kind of defeat the whole art terrorist point of his work anyway?

Even his logo is shit.

This blogger thing is not allowing me to upload an image right now, so i can't attach a relevant picture by the artist to illustrate my point, but does anybody actually care that they haven't seen a Banksy piece.


R3M0 said...

"Leave the house before you find something worth staying in for" - Banksy

Conroy Van Winkle said...

wow, what a statement. how thought provoking.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather look at the ass below