Saturday, 14 June 2008

Make it bigger!

What is wrong with Suzuki, they must be thick. The Jimny looks so fit, it's just it's so tiny. When you was a kid in the 80's if you wore jack ups to school you would get severely dissed on the playground, the same as when you got slack with going to the barbers and let your sideburns grow to long, then your mum had to cut them for you and she got one longer than the other or something. That's what owning a Jimny would be like for a man of my height and stature, driving about with your knees around your ear holes.

There is clearly a gap in the market here, just make a car which looks like this but is %10 bigger in size with a small engine but you could have give us at least a 1.4. Grand Vitaras just aren't the same. I don't want a Chelsea tractor or anything all i want is a car which looks like something the A-Team might have used, is that too much to ask. And i do not want a jeep wrangler with a 4 litre engine although they are probably the fittest car in existence.

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