Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Rythm & sound

I was in some clothes shop in Spain called 'trocadero' and they was playing the CD, i had to ask, 'what the hell is that?'. I always feel awkward asking shop keepers what they are playing because then they kind of often take a superior attitude as if, 'why is this mere simpleton asking me about my vast musical knowledge.' In fact i think it is always a very awkward relationship and interaction between a shop keeper and a customer. You have to deal with them for this brief period and you feel as if they are judging you and your weird purchases and there are awkward moments of silence whilst you are waiting for the card reader or the till to work. You are put in a kind of submissive position where they are in charge and they have the authority. And often you are not sure if you fancy them or not, or indeed if they fancy you, or if they have some weird judgement of one small detail of you outfit or hairstyle which means they would never consider you as a potential partner.They are nothing more to you than a person you would pass on the street and you know nothing more about them than any of the people you pass everyday, or sit opposite on a train or bus, but for that brief period of time your lives are forcibly intertwined and then it's all over and you may never see them again, but you will quite likely remember the occasion depending on how eventful it was. For example you may have dropped change and felt like an idiot or put your card in the machine the wrong way round. These experiences may mean you often think about the transaction when you have nothing else to think about. This is an interesting subject to me, you could write a book about it, when i was about 18 i had planned to write a poem about it, probably for the best that i didn't.

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andrea said...

LISTEN, I just want you to know that this is my jam and I have arrived at this page through reading all of your archives (which rule). I kind of can't believe that you posted this song; I have only heard it through a weird magical soulseek download??? If it's a popular song now, don't tell me.