Monday, 3 November 2008

i'm a cunt

I'm such a miserable joyless cunt. Why can't i just be happy for people who do stuff like this? Everybody on youtube seems to love these videos. I can hardly bare to watch them. Every single movement she does annoys me. Her bratz doll clothes annoy me, her rat-tailed ginger hair annoys me, her name 'bandytoaster' annoys me, even the thought of her naked annoys me.

You see that little finger sticking up on her fist, that annoys me. Some dick called 'Hugo' left a comment under this picture on her myspace saying 'sweet hat'.


louisehaynes said...

I hate the fact she calls herself "groovy"
I hate the fact she's dancing.
I hate the fact that she's a girl so she brings my whole sex down a couple of notches just because we both have vaginas, and i'm associated with her somewhat.
I hate the fact I want to push her over that fucking cliff.
See you in hell, yeah ?

Conroy said...

i'm hoping god's got a sense of humour or i'm fucked

billiejd said...

I love it when people add the word 'productions' after their name and actually think it heightens their credibility.

Do actually less than three this girl though, u 2 r just jealouz

William Adam said...

that hat is fuckin ridiculous
makes me wana reach into the video and fuckin slap her
wearin it in every video like she jamiroqui
i hate people who practice dance routines to daft punk
how much fuckin time must she have on her hands