Thursday, 6 November 2008


First of all, look how cool French playboy is.

But what i really want to talk about is the fact that i just do not get the concept of playboy merchandise. Have i missed something, is all this pink playboy bunny shit nothing to do with the magazine at all? And is it just a coincidence that they have the same name and logo?

I'm not really into brands to be honest. So i can't really relate to wanting to wear logo's that much anyway. But why the fuck do girls want to wear the playboy bunny? What are they trying to say exactly? Do they just think the magazine is absolutely brilliant so they want to offer their support?? Or are they trying to say that tits-out glamour modeling rules and they'd love to do it, but they're just too ugly?? Or are they trying to say they'd love to be a playboy bunny and live in a huge mansion where they pay for their lodgings by sucking off an old man a couple of times a week? This is the whole concept of playboy to me, so surely by wearing that shit, you're saying you're really into all that stuff and want to be affiliated with it in some way.

Playboy peddles sex right? Look at this playboy sock. Yes, a playboy sock, probably the least sexiest thing ever...

And then this.....Taken from a kids bedding website, no shit. A playboy duvet set for children. Who the fuck would buy their kid a playboy bedset. There's something a little odd about that surely.

But to me, this is the weirdest of all. Playboy car stickers. Almost exclusively found on Corsa's coming out of drive through MacDonald's with slightly rotund blond girls in. It's basically like putting an 'i suck cock in carparks' sticker on your vehicle. Nothing wrong with sucking cocks in carparks, it's just a little odd to advertise it.

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