Thursday, 9 October 2008


Fucking heck!, check this website out, i couldn't believe some of the films they had on sale. I couldn't find any videos of them on youtube in the 4 minutes i spent trying but reading the descriptions is good enough...

The Amazing Mr. No Legs
A martial arts hit-man with no legs does the dirty work for a drug syndicate from a wheelchair armed with shotguns and weapons. His girlfriend gets killed and he plans to take over the whole syndicate. This film is unbelievable.
What the fuck, cripsloitation, that's a whole new genre. I actually found a video...

Gayniggers from Outer Space (1992)
A team of intergalactic explorers discover a female presence on planet earth. They then take it upon themselves to single-handedly exterminate the female population. Their results are met with gratitude from a male population that feels they have been “enslaved” and “suppressed” by women. When the gay explorers finally leave, they leave behind a gay ambassador who educates Earth’s men in their new freedoms and their new way of life. This film is an amazing cult favorite that should not go unseen.
Yeah, i found a video of this one as well...

The Pig Fucking Movie One Man And His Pig (aka: The Pig Fucking Movie 1974)
Very strange art film about a crazy farmer that falls in love with his pig and has mutant babies with it. When the mutant babies gravitate toward the mother instead of him, he gets jealous and kills all the babies. The mother pig eventually kills herself and drives this film further into the gutter. This film is an obscure cult film but definitely is not for everyone

The Rapeman (1993)
Amazing first film in a series of films about am “superhero” named Rapeman who is a teacher and detective during his day job and a hired rapist by night. Rapeman and his uncle run Rapeman Services which is a company that hires their services to spouses and lovers who are seeking vengeance. Rapeman and his uncle get caught up in a political parties plan to disgrace their opponent in order to win an election.

Other film titles...

Simon, King Of The Witches

Schoolgirls In Cement

Turkish Wizard Of Oz

Zombie Vs. Ninja

Filipino Mad Max (that one has to be purchased)

See the rest for yourself:


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