Wednesday, 8 October 2008

white dog shit

Kids have this kind of odd relationship with dog poo, it's a big part of their lives. It's like when you're a child adults always tell you ''watch out for the dog shit, if it gets near your eyes you'll go blind.'' Fuck that, going blind from dog poo is a pretty scary idea when you're six. So you're basically looking out for 'strangers' and dog shit. Also when you're young you have this really strong sense of smell and you're always playing on grass, so therefore you're almost constantly aware of dog droppings.

I guarantee everybody has got some kind of memory attached to dog shit. It holds a special place in our hearts. I remember one time my mate Matthew came round to play and my sister chased him round the garden with an umbrella. Whilst he was rolling away from her on the floor, he got a dog turd which had gone stiff stuck to his elbow. So he ran into the house crying and washed it off in the kitchen sink. Good times.

Then there are the different flavours. You had your normal classic brown and you had the rarer white variety. When people talk about this, they go so far as to actually get nostalgic about white dog shit. ''You just don't see it anymore, i wonder what ever happened to it.'' They talk about it with the same fondness as their favourite discontinued flavour of crisps. How would your life be improved if this stuff made a comeback?

Sesame street and dog shit, that's what being a kid is all about.


jg said...

I once saw a dog poo when I was a kid that must have been pooed by some sort of futuristic cyborg dog. It was just common-or-garden dog poo on either end, but the middle was all made up electrical wire. That was probably the best day of my life.

JIRO said...

Seriously though, what has happened to white poos and hairy poos, I've mentioned this to many people, walking home from school I would see at least 5 white/hairy poos, and not all the same ones at the ones I would have seen the day before.

Conroy said...

Exactly, you were just on the look out for dog shit on the way home from school, when you're a kid you just can't help it. Japanese people realise kids love white dog shit and try to transfer that same thought process to eletrical goods. They bring out a white psp and everyone wants one. They know how our minds work

JIRO said...

You're probably right, the first time I went to Japan, you could buy a white Game Gear, I wanted it so badly, but my Mum wouldn't let me because it had a built in TV and wouldn't work in England, I could have sold that for millions on eBay.

videotime said...

this post is freaking me out, I have also often commented on the lack of white dog shit nowadays.
I used to see it all the time, another thing that has totally disappeared (maybe only in London) is really muscular black guys with dreadlocks, string vests and quad skates (rollerskates), dancing and skating around.

Conroy said...

I didn't even know about white gamegears. had to google image search them. That is a pretty good gamegear memory. I got mine off the ''blackmarket'' when i was a kid before they were released here. The ''blackmarket'' sounds so cool when your a kid, but in reality my dad got it off some guy on a council estate who imported them from japan.
I tried to image search these black rollerskate guys aswell but i couldnt find any of them

Anonymous said...

I used to think it was great running the lawn mower over white dog turds,they make a white puff as you go over them but my doctor told me it was bad to breath in the particles...somewhat akin to asbestos i guess.