Thursday, 30 October 2008

Top ten samples...........Ever

This guy is such a dick that he almost goes full circle and becomes lovable. Almost. Are we really that far into the future that we have this 47 year old hiphop geography teacher reminiscing about the music from the good old days of the last century? Fuck, we must be, where's the hoverboards and orgasm machines we were promised. All we've got are ipods and fat people.
You will probably know many of these samples but this is actually quite interesting if you can tolerate 'DJ Functuall'.
Also, please note, i love the way some Americans have a map of just the USA as if it's the whole world or maybe even the universe. I did say some Americans, not all, please don't hate me and call me gay and stuff.

Thanks DJ Functuall, you pretty much rule if i'm honest and i wish you was my Uncle.

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