Thursday, 2 October 2008

Modern Centaurs

You know what centaurs are? Those weird mythical half horse, half man creatures. For some reason they often seem to be linked to odd sexual fantasies amongst both men and women. I'm well glad i don't fantasise over that type of stuff. It seems like you can't really help the things you're into sexually. You don't choose your sexuality. You don't decide you're going to be into 'whole lotta bottom girls', or choose to have a foot fetish. You just get lumbered with that kind of stuff. So i'm thankful god never dealt me a centaur fetish or anything like that.

Although, this one is not bad...

But really i'm just saying that you should also be thankful for the fact that you don't get turned on by centaurs. Because if you did, you'd probably end up thinking that these mythical beasts needed updating for the 00's and then you'd come up with this whole concept of 'modern centaurs', where men were half motorbike and stuff.

I'm not criticising the work, i'm just pointing it out to you. It's just he has one painting of a naked guy with a saxophone on his head and he's called it 'saxy'. Also if anyone can explain the thing about the ships on the heads i'd appreciate it, there must be a metaphor, or an obvious explanation i don't get. thanks.

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