Thursday, 8 January 2009


A fear of fucking clowns does not fill the void where your personality should be. It is becoming increasingly fashionable for people to spontaneously announce that they're scared of clowns. It is usually people who have little to no interests and similarly there is nothing interesting about them.
How fucking often are you going to come across a clown in your everyday life? Never, so why do you feel the need to proclaim it as one of your main personality traits. The big footed cunts are annoying, i'll give you that, but if you show me that you've latched onto a trend as ridiculous as a fear of clowns i really can't have any respect for you. At least be original and say you're scared of eggs or something.

That actually happened to me once. A girl i went out with was scared of eggs, so i told her, ''it's ok, egg white is similar in consistency to semen''. After that she would never suck me off, so it didn't work out too well. But there are many other things you could pretend to be scared of for attention, if you must.
Girls are like that, they say silly things for attention which annoy us more than listening to a drill or alphabeat, but we turn a blind eye to it because we like the way they look. That's pretty much the key to all existence.


louisehaynes said...

I'm scared of pigeons and worms and I am genuinely not saying that to be "wacky"
When I was little I used to sit in the park opposite my house, eat worms then puke them back up.
And this one time band camp, a pigeon flew into the window above me, fell in my lap, started having a fit then flew off and shat all over me.
Man, I miss my childhood.

Boris said...

man who hates clowns? every one is a bit clown every day. loool


debt relief said...

Hey, I thought this site would be about Michael Landon and that 60's television show. Darn.

Conroy said...

my mum is scared of pigeons so i can't diss you for that, see pigeons is a perfectly rational fear. I just don't like when people hear someone else saying it and then think, yeah i'll say that as well. It makes it unfair for all the people who genuinely are scared of things, it's like crying rape, sort of.

Anonymous said...