Monday, 19 January 2009


Good gays:

Bad Gays:

Learn the difference.

P.s i just have to point out that the video is the gayest thing you will ever see and if you just skipped over this post and could not be bothered to watch it, you really need to go back and experience it.


Matilda said...

You are right..this is the most gay thing I' ve ever seen.They looked like gay Oompa-Loompas.But you should' ve warned a little more-I almost choked on a piece of apple.Not so relevant to this posting, but do you knw wht has happened to the West Memphis Three?

Conroy said...

No i have not heard about them for a while, they do have a website so i might look there if i can find it. Did you watch the documtary?

Matilda said...

yes and i got hooked, i' m a sucker for documentaries the mment i'm finishing reading the book abot Christopher McCandless "Into the Wild".Guess who wants to go to Alaska?

Kickstand said...