Friday, 30 January 2009

The dark side of fame- Mickey Rourke


Martorialist said...

He seriously did make some of the worst career choices in Hollywood history with the movies he turned down (Beverly Hills Cop, Top Gun, Rain Man, Highlander, Silence Of The Lambs, Pulp Fiction), didn't he?

Marisa Tomei is rather attractive in The Wrestler.

Conroy said...

In a way he made some bad choices, BUT I think he made the right choice to box, if he had never done that he would have had some serious demons. I like how he has turned out, with a fucked up face and has an interesting story and now has made a come back, what a great life. If he'd been an actor, he'd probably be like nicholas cage by now.

Yes Marisa Tomei is wwwwell fit, i liked her ever since that ape heart film with christian slater.

The Thick Repeater said...

Marisa Tomei is the nuts. She's got the stripper/mum niche locked down.

Matilda said...

I love Mickey Rourke.In my somewhat perverted/sick head think he is one of the hottest men alive and in even more perverted/sck level of that head of mine, I want him to rape me.You know the usual candle light dinner and complimentary rape afterwords.