Sunday, 1 February 2009


Could someone please find me a download of this, thankyou. x



Martorialist said...

i assume you've seen the classic 80s documentary Style Wars and the old Graffiti Rock tv show?

If not, look 'em up on youtube.

Conroy said...

i've seen style wars, but i'm not familiar with the tv show which is probably pretty lame behaviour by me, ill have to look that up.


Martorialist said...

A very young Vince Gallo is in the Graffiti Rock audience.

He's rocking a Kangol bucket hat with the brim turned up.

Conroy said...

ah ha! i've seen that clip, didn't realise that was from that program, did you see the young van damme sporting a full on leotard in the background in 'breakin'?

Martorialist said...

I certainly have. I have a gif of it i plan on using one day when i make a post about how hot girls who dance really badly are one of the ultimate turnoffs.

Peace to Prince Vince as he was known back then.