Friday, 6 February 2009

80 blocks from Tiffany's

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If you look at the comments of the previous post you will see that hip hop professor the martorialist has left me a recommendation for a youtube clip (thanks). Which led me to this other documentary thing, i haven't even watched it yet, but it looks pretty rad. I have so many documentaries to catch up on i might post a couple more here.

Part 7 seems to be missing, if you find it let me know.

Here's the description from youtube:

''This 1979 documentary film focuses on gangs such as the savage skulls & nomads who occupied areas of the south bronx. Perhaps even more compelling is considering that the backdrop and social conditions in this film are a 'far cry' from the lifestyle being promoted through disco music and film. Perhaps this answers questions to why many people took preference over the funk records which arguably pathed the way for Hip Hop culture. ''

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Martorialist said...

80 Blocks is great.

It's basically like an episode of Shameless, only instead of scally families you've got these The Warriors-ish gangs of puerto-rican and black dudes dressed like hell's angels and cheesy date rapist lookin' moustached 70s cops in aviators.