Saturday, 14 February 2009

How to tuck yo nuts

Nut tucking is a technique where the testicles are pushed up into the abdomen to conceal the bulge that your cock and balls would usually create. It is popular with transvestite types and ballet dancers and is also used as a form of contraception as it heats the testicles whilst they are inside the abdomen and reduces fertility.

I personally do not think i could bring myself to push my nuts up into my abdomen for any amount of money, but if you want to give it a go here is a quick guide:

The Tuck

There's only one place for the penis to go, and that's to fold it back between the legs. However, first the testicles must be gently pushed into the space they retract to when cold - yes they do pop out again afterwards! If not press gently on the bottom of the abdomen. This is where they sat when you were young, after all.
The space they dropped through is still there. The easiest way to learn to do this is to lie flat on your back with your feet flat on the floor, and find the place to push them into your abdomen. This will generally be straight up, relative to your body.

With this done, you can tuck your penis back comfortably, and all you need is a pair of panties that are tight enough to hold it all in place. But you will need to experiment to see what works best for you.

With a bit of practice, you can do the tuck in less than a second while standing up and pulling your panties on. It really is simple and painless once you figure it out.
Little is known about the safety of repeatedly tucking your balls up inside yourself for prolonged periods, but apparently there is very little chance to do serious harm to yourself. Theoretically it is possible to tangle the seed ducts, which doesn't sound great and will require surgical rectification. Unfortunately we have no reliable information about this problem, so as a rule of thumb if it starts to hurt, pop them back out.


Martorialist said...

On a board i used to post at, this guy had his photobucket account raided by some nosey chap and there was a pic of him in a bra with his cock tucked between his legs in there.

A particularly gruesome image.

Anonymous said...

I did not imagine Miley to have such a throbbing rod, i thought she would have more of a modest helping. Billy ray would be proud.

Nat said...

Is there a proper way to keep the cock tucked in?

It's ok when it's hard, it will stay locked between the upper thighs, but when the cock loses its hardness it will slip out and dangle. If you get another hard-on at that point, goodluck tucking it back in.

I have a technique that involves cling film and parcel tape. The cling film is used to prevent any leakage of pre-cum, i hate when it stains my nickers or drips into the tights. My technique is complete tucking, balls in fisrt, wrap semi-hard cock, tuck and then tape it so it stays securely in-between upper thighs. But if you want to go pee then you have to untape everything, pee and then re-create the device. So annoying.

I saw something about fake latex-like vagina... a g-string pouch really! Not sure if it's any good and the people who makes it hasn't even bothered posting a video on how it's used. So I'm still searching.

Anonymous said...

Where do u tape after you tuck???

Dawn Summer - Tucking said...

I wrote something like this, and you covered the topic beautifully. I would mention that you can use a few more methods to hold everything in place though.

A gaff is one common way for people that have trouble with their penis inflating and deflating so much. Another popular method used by drag queens, and sometimes TGs is tape. The most extreme (and not recommended) is to superglue everything in place.

If you want a little more graphic demonstration, you can see it on my blog (

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello girls,

Over the years, I've developed my own way of doing the tucking, based on many techniques and advices I've seen on the internet. Recently I decided to share it with the crossdressing MTF community. The post is in Portuguese - I'm from Brazil - but you can always hit the "Google Translator" button and give it a try... There are plenty of pictures too! ;)

In case you need any advice, please send me an email, ok? Either in English, Spanish, Italian or French.

Best of luck, girls!

Anonymous said...

How do you pop the testicles back out? I want to know how in case I mess up or something, so im not sitting there freaking out if I do.

Anonymous said...

Im not a trans of any kind,and im a straight male, but the whole tucking your balls already happens to me naturaly when I am tightning my muscles around that area for a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

Been tucking for some time now. No great pain or other issues. I use a long leather shoelace. find the middle spot and then place the middle spot of the lace on the top of the penis at the location where the penis extends from the abdomen. Then I take each half cord and run then down the sides of the scrotum up behind me and through the crack in my ass. Now I have each cord brought up and back around to the front of my tummy ... above the hips and there I tie a nice tight square knot. What I have now then is a nice tight cord that is going from the base of my penis around my balls and is tied back up to the front of my stomach. Now my balls are each squeezed up into my abdomen. The cord holds them in place up in my abdomen however I still need to do a little more with the cord to ensure the balls stay up in the abdomen and to ensure they don't move around and cause any damage. From the square knot at the front of the abdomen I take one of the cords and at a location about 3 to 4 inches over from the centre I tie the cord to the already existing cord that came up from under my body. Then I take this same cord and run it down the leg crack toward the side of my ball sac which in now empty. It should be just to one side of the now relocated testicle. Then I tie this cord to the location on the cord which is at the side of the ball sac so that it it tight enough to fully encase and hold the testicle in place and at the same time holds the entire cord tight so the ball will not move back down into the sac. I do this on both sides. Now. I have the balls fully surrounded by the leather cords so they are stuck up above the penis looking fully like a female mons ... and the two cords are adequately tightened to the sides of the now empty scrotum sac location ... thus preventing any downward movement of the testicles back into the scrotum. I usually tie the ends of the two cords together at the location where it all started ... back just above the penis where it enters the abdomen ... a nice square knot .. so it may be fairly easily opened again and still hold true... for as long as you need to. What I have now is a cord that fully encases the empty sac and fully encases the two balls above the penis in the abdomen. there is lots of room for them to move except they cannot get back down into the scrotum and they cannot move left or right of the leather cord that holds them above the penis. Some adjustments may be made depending on the ball size and the size of the opening above the penis in the abdomen. There might be a little pain if the cords are too tight however they need to be tight enough to stop the balls from getting back into the sac when you are moving around. There are a few variations you can make with the cord ... I find a long leather shoe lace to be the best. You can size your cord according to your need. Make sure you can get the ties undone as you will likely not want to keep this strap on for a really long time. I have had it on for 24 hours or more and many times for 6 to 12 hours. I often wear it at night. I does affect the testosterone level. I suspect at least a 70% decline in testosterone if and when I wear this fairly constantly. The ball sac is empty of course. It tends to shrink and if cool mmm ... rather erotic sensation. Slight massage of the testicles seems to have assisted in their comfort and perhaps in reduction of tight muscles at the lower abdomen location. Wearing tight under pant(ies)is a very erotic sensation. There appears to be some penile reduction. Hope this helps and hope you have some fun with it .... Best regards ...

Anonymous said...

When ever I tuck my balls they get really sore. They also stick out like crazy. No amount of tight underwear will prevent them from sticking out. Is it possible I'm putting them in the wrong spot? Sitting down also puts a lot of pressure on them. How can I fix this?