Thursday, 5 February 2009

fanny packs

New age hippies too comfortable with their vaginas for their own good...

I don't get this in any way shape or form.Bags that look like cunts.

I couldn't have any kind of relations with a girl who had one of these vadge-satchels. Imagine, for example, if i wanted to take her round my nans. It just wouldn't work.
From their description:

''More than a sumptuous Renaissance bag, the Velvet V represents in three-dimensional form the sacred portal to the feminine temple.''

''Each has sumptuous fabric labia and a beautiful button clitoris.''

They're not fucking cheap either:



Martorialist said...

I've seen more people wearing them again recently and not just fat American tourists or French exchange students.

I blame the Poles with their 1983-ish ways.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Wouldn't catch me wearing one of those