Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Obama worship

Everyone is bumming Barack Obama. If i was a half breed i would be a little bit offended. He's not black. You half breeds need to stand up and claim ownership of him as your first president. There is actually a website dedicated to Obama art. It's funny how the very artists who were trying to subvert politricks are now contributing to it all, reflecting how the whole world is disappearing up it's own bumhole.

The evil part of me hopes everything goes wrong and Obama turns out to be the anti christ or something, just so i can laugh at you all.

Link to gay Obama art blog


louise said...

Exactly. He's brown. Brown. Robert Mugabe is black. (P.s I'm offended at half breeds. We like to be called mongrels.

Martorialist said...

WTF is Hugh Laurie doing with Stalin, Obama and a unicorn in that picture?

If i see another stupid cracker in an Obama shirt i swear i'm gonna join the BNP.

Anonymous said...

Obama himself actually laughs at that guy when he begins speaking! Lol

I'm all for Obama, but that blog is ridiculous. One day people will look back and laugh at how everyone got so easily carried away in the Obama hype. People are mindless ants and that's why the government finds it so easy to tread on them.

Conroy said...

half black folks are the best, they get the best of both worlds. Like wesly snipes in blade (half human half vampire, or spock). Or this girl-

I was going to do a post called 'half breeds rule' but i couldn't think of a good enough angle to come at it from

JIRO said...

Halfcasts, that's what I call myself and Obama.

Anonymous said...

halfcasts is kind of old school, like calling people colored i thought it was mixed race?

Conroy said...

I would probably say halfcast aswell. I think mixed race implies that certain ethnic groups are not human. Which is a whole different debate.

Anonymous, If you are really that worried about being politically correct you should say people are of mixed ethnicity, but then you would sound like a cunt.

DanFodio said...

i'm pretty sure its "halfcaste" not halfcast. I have to admit, once upon a time i was an ant, but i am an ant no more. i don't believe the obama hype, he is a puppet. obamarama is a sham. all the negroids have been duped twice. firstly into believing in his ability to "change" a mindless world and secondly the idea that he is "black".

i won't be surprised if he is killed off when the big boys in charge are done using him, sending those ants back into eternal delirium - staring the "hype-cycle" over again.

the end.