Saturday, 14 February 2009

Afro-caucasian male 44 seeking trans couple for LTR (must be able to accommodate)... the latest book title i am involved in the production of. The book will feature a number of personal adds posted on various internet dating sites and the most interesting, unusual or mundane responses they garner.

The format will be, one page: inserted advert along with picture, the following page(s): responses along with attached pictures (censored to protect identity).

If you would like the opportunity to write an advert for a dating website which may be used in the book in some form, please do so in the comments section below or email me. Please be as creative (yet realistic) as you can.

Many thanks



Anonymous said...

Russian man with no pubes open to any offers. Particularly keen on anyone with a lisp as i want to know how one of those big tongues feels on my non public zone. I have a dog.

louise said...

I have a dog= Instant entry into any womans pants.