Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The saturdays - choose 1 (or two)

It doesn't matter how cool you think you are, or how old you get, when a new girl band comes along you have to choose your favourite. It's like an unwritten law of mankind.
I don't have a clue what there names are so i've numbered them to make it easier.
For me it's number 4, i love the petiteness and the fact i can't tell what the fuck her ethnic origin is. And because she's just fit.
Closely followed by number 3, because she looks like she may have once been a man or be somewhere in between, this makes her more interesting than the others.
Number 1 is dryness with too short hair.
Number 2 has flared nostrils.
Number 5 is too blond with a big tongue.
Take your pic?


Elina said...

number 3 looks like a sluttier avril lavigne.
and I choose no.1

videotime said...

Number five...She looks snobby and nasty. And I have not interacted with girls like that for years so I would go for her.
Number 4 and number 1 taking up 2nd and 3rd respectfully.

Oh and BTW I took the gender test and it said I am a woman!
It's got me questioning shit.

Conroy said...

''it's got me questioning shit''
ha ha ha

Martorialist said...

Is # 1 the one from S Club 8 who was on the last series of Buzzcocks?

I'd go for # 3. She's like a dumb generic hot scouse white trash slut at her early twenties peak before she's started squeezing out future petty criminals and junkies by the pound out of her poon'.

Anonymous said...

number 5 looks like a midget sienna miller. She's tryin too hard to look like she wants constant sex. As much as i'm trying to hate her, i can't deny i'd love to fuck her senseless

louise said...

You can just smell the testosterone in here. Number 4 is Vanessa. Friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend. She went to the same school as her and she's filipino. I would set you two up, but im a cunt so I wont.

louise said...

Oh and number 1 used to fuck my friend kevin like three years ago. I never met her though, so he may have been lying but she wasn't like the "new cheryl cole" then so I doubt he would have. He was once in vice do's & don'ts as a dont as well. This totally sounds like im making it all up.

Conroy said...

yeah but louise you didn't tell us which one you prefered, if you don't i'll spread it that your frigid

louise said...

Number 4 or 2, namely cos us brown sisters have to stick together, get me.

O'Real said...

number 2. she's hot.

Franky Dubbles said...

I will unload a cupful of hot jizz all over #4 and shove her own necklace in her anus.

Anonymous said...

Ok let me tell you how it is, you need to take number 4 and number 5's sienna miller looking ass, then you've got the perfect ingrediants for a good time. You get the two together, i garuntee you number 5 would be more up for a 3some than number 4, you know i'm right aswell. But once number 4 was in it would be all good. Number 4would have certain insecurities about her body etc, couple this with the fact she feels slightly inferior to the classicly 'pretty blond girl' and you can safely assume that little filipino chick would be willing to do anything you wanted. I'd get her to go down on the blond girls ass whilst i watched.