Saturday, 3 January 2009

Forgotten Heroes of the Ring...

Sorry for not posting for a while, i have been working on a small project. Forgotten Heroes of the Ring is a collection of autographed promo shots featuring some of the great wrestlers from the last century. It's a limited 100 edition run sponsored to coincide with the release of the forgotten heroes series of action figures in February.
Here are some views from within the book:

The book is Hardcover, 98 pages. It will be available for £11.99 from the main Forgotten Heroes website, but you can reserve a copy by emailing your details to me here at


JIRO said...

I remember back in the days when I still thought Wrestling was real, there was a monthly magazine in John Menzies that listed all the Wrestling federations and results, as well as the WWF, WCW and all that, alot of these faces are very familiar.

I used to think all the other Federations I'd never heard of were even cooler that the WWF and the wrestlers too hard to fight in it, because there was pretty much blood on every photo, then a few years later I realised it was just a bunch of all the useless wrestling federations with all the wrestlers that were too shit for the WWF.

What happened to wrestling, it used to be fucking amazing, now EVERY wrestler, is the same hight, build and wears the same outfits, fucking gaylords.

JIRO said...

Wait, is no.6 actually the British actor Brian Glover?!

Conroy said...

Ha ha, no Jiro, although Brian Glover was a wrestler!
wrestling use to be amaizing around 90-93 or something, royal rumble was the best thing i'd ever seen. I use to reseve a wrestling magazing at this indian corner shop, the same place i got a micheal jackson figure

Was There Then said...

Summerslam 89 was the tippity top of WWF for me.