Sunday, 28 December 2008

American Food #3- Death pizza from jupiter

I'm not really into health food, but this is just taking the piss. That just looks like some kind of pie made from the shit they pull out of a dead heart attack victim's arteries. No bread, just fucking more cheese and peperoni all the way through. Eating that is like sucking a Turkish business man's willy in a train station toilet and saying, ''i know i'll get aids, but it just tastes so good''. They might as well brand it as ''suicide pie'', make the box black and put a skull on it. Then at least it would be kind of cool like those death cigarettes you can get. I use to buy them from the tobacconists (the only place you could get them) when i was 14. I pretty much ruled.

Actually, i only bought them once. Or maybe i sent some fat kid in to get them because i couldn't get served. But i defiantley owned a pack. Fat kids always looked older.

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louisehaynes said...

Hydrogenated fats are so the way to a womans heart. (attack)