Wednesday, 17 December 2008

bonanza guide to christmas presents

Here are some gift ideas for you...

'rock out' toys for all the family

an 'ironic jacket' available at ebay

A unique Japanese toy which isn't available in your country (that's what the internet's for).

A t-shirt for a special girl in your life, with a vague reference to a sexual act you once performed on her. The trouble is you can't work out weather A.) she will get it, or B.) it's crossing the line. True story.

A must have gadget

A kachina doll. The new kokeshi 3 years ahead of it's release in john lewis.

A cd full of celeb nudez. Bonus points for making them yourself.

Retro films, posters or merchandise

A very limited edition action figure

A cosplay outfit

Some 'street-art' with SUBTLE sexual/political undertones.

Or this


Anonymous said...

what happened to the naked picture of yourself??

Conroy said...

that expired, i thought my cousin or somebody would see it