Tuesday, 16 December 2008


one of my customers gave me this top as a Christmas present. How do i get myself into these awkward situations? I'm a male in his mid twenties with just your average reasonable taste in clothes and i had to pretend to be enthusiastic about receiving this item in front of several people. It's made of some fucked up velour material which seems to get under my fingernails whenever i touch it, which strangely seems to activate my gag reflex. To make things worse it has a price tag on it of $96 so now i feel really ungrateful.

There is no way on earth i can wear a double XL velour top with 'take life' written on the back. Anybody want it?


Anonymous said...

you could have said thank you very much, but you see it' s against my religion.People get always awkward around someone who mentions religion.and of course velour would be against your religion.Obviously the "right" thing to do is what you did, lie and tell how much you like it, but lately I' ve been quite cruel towards people and gifts.That' s the actual present.I can be mean, but honest.There' s this saying in my country, I' m not sure if you have it in English and it goes something like Don' t look in the mouth of a horse that is given to you as a present(sorry for the really bad translation).But for everyone...PLEASE don' t get me a horse.So to get almost completely off to the other side...I hate giving presents, because I never really get anything right in that department and even more I hate receiving presents.Anyone with me?

Robert Thumbs Downey Jr said...

yeah man i'll have it for sure.

Conroy said...

ok, give me your address, name, and full details of your scrote to bell ratio and it's yours