Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A modern fable

All those old stories they use to tell us at school are a bit out of date now. This story is like a modern version of Aesop's fable where the slave pulls the thorn out of the lions foot. Well not really but anyway, the thing is i like to eat pussy. To be honest if puntang was a restaurant i'd probably eat their everyday. Firstly, If you're a male and you've been after a particular girl for a while there will be all this pent up sexual aggression just waiting to be unleashed. Then secondly, this particular girl was one of those who you find so perfect, you'd probably be willing to lick the snot directly from her nose if ever the need arose. Well add those two elements together and that's going to be one pussy you're going to want to eat. So when i finally did get chance, there was no holding back.

I was getting into it when all of a sudden my tongue worked something loose from her clit. At first it felt like it was metallic, but i knew the only things this girl had pierced were her ears. The object dropped from my tongue and hit the bed with quite a weighty thud for it's size. I couldn't let it distract me from my game though. I didn't even mention it at the time as i didn't want to freak the girl out by saying, 'hold on something just came out of your clitoral hood'. I think it would have been all over at that point. So like a true pro i continued giving head and reached down with one hand to pick the tiny object up without even looking at. I then reached over and put it in the pocket of my shirt, which was next to us on the bed. Skills.

When the deed was done and we'd both reached several enduring climaxes, i put my shirt back on and said i was going to use the toilet. This gave me the chance to examine the object in full detail. As i took it out of my pocket i quickly realised it was a fingernail. It was fully painted red, so the varnish had obviously gave it the weight and the metallic feel. That's pretty disgusting i suppose, finding a fingernail wedged in a girls clitoral hood. I suppose the normal thing to do might be to flush it and get the hell out of there, but for some reason i popped it back in my shirt pocket and went back for more.

It must have come loose from her finger and lodged itself there during a furious masturbation session some time ago. Her nails were no longer red, so fuck knows how long it must have been there. It must have been causing some pain or discomfort, surely?? I don't actually know why i kept it, maybe as some kind of souvenir or trophy, or maybe as proof that girls really do wank just like us.


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yeah they love a good wank, no doubt about it