Monday, 25 August 2008

Action International Pictures

Here is some AIP madness for you, some of the most ridiculous trailers i have seen. This production company seems to have just about every action film sub genre covered. Horror, extreme sports, hip hop, baby selling rings, 'kick fighting', taxi dancing, euthanasia networks, the list is endless. Also they seem to use a lot of the same actors in every film so it's quite good fun trying to spot the fat guy with the beard and various other characters in each one. It seems as if they just couldn't resist packing as much action into each trailer as humanly, physically possible, so some times they accidentally gave away practically the entire story line including the ending. I just can't believe Gary Busey never popped up in any of these trailers. I think they should release a box set, can someone with connections please start a campaign to get it released, thanks.

They have a film called... 'COLD HEAT'.

The Satan killer

''Widowed, alcoholic cop teams up with an old private detective to catch a laughing serial killer who rides Harleys''
Does he look up at the end and complain to Satan, ''You never phoned me''?? Maybe i heard him wrong?

Maximum Breakout

''Newborn babies sold to the highest bidder.''

Taxi Dancers

''You know i can afford you!''
''Not emotionally''
I love how the guy from Predator is in this.


I can't quite figure out what this guy is seeking revenge for.

Street Hitz

'Let's put a Z on the end of hits. Yeah that will be cool'

White Fury

That ginger guy has got a pony tail hanging out the back if you pay attention.

Terror in Beverly Hills

I love the way Frank Stallone punches with open hands in this clip, he probably thought that was his unique selling point. If i'd seen this as a kid i would have definitely used that technique on the playground.

Last of the warriors

There had to be a post apocalyptic one.

Shredder Orpheus

Skateboards from hell.


''We now own you''

Escape from survival zone

Catchy name.

Rapid Fire

I love the way they flash a shot of a girl in underwear with no context just to show they've thought of everything.

I could go on for ever, but you probably get the idea.

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