Saturday, 30 August 2008

Double take

I love 'professional' celebrity lookalikes. I don't really know if it's as bad world wide, but here in the UK they are seriously shit. I find the people who do this as a profession slightly disturbing and fascinating in equal measures. They are often obsessed with the celebrity they think they look like and grow to almost believe they sort of are that person. When i first see them standing there with a smug beaming smile, drinking in the attention from the onlookers, proudly thrusting their resemblance to someone famous in our faces, i cant help but hate them slightly. I sometimes find it slightly uncomfortable to look at them. To me they usually just resemble their celebrity doppelganger after the effects of a wasting disease or a drug addiction. It's almost like a really weird performance art where we are reminded about the dangers of AIDS, Cancer and various other afflictions.

These are actual celebrity lookalikes that you can book for appearances now. They are all from the same agency. Who are they? I was going to do one of those 'find out after the jump' things but i don't have the skills. So the answers are below.











1. Fifty cent.

2. Jean Claude Van Damme

3. Kelly Osbourne

4. Phill Collins

5. Kate Moss

6. Beyonce

7. Freddy Mercury

8. P diddles

9. David Hasselhoff

10. Craig David

11. Amy Winehouse

12. Bono

13. Ja rule

p.s they have a John Leslie of sex pest fame lookalike, surely he can't be getting much work.


Oliver said...

I could just about guess all of them except for Amy Winehouse. I mean, she isn't even dressed like her. said...

Over 8000 "lookalikes" are reported to be available from the multitude of agents in the UK but ONLY a very few "real dead ringer" lookalike/soundalike celebrity DOUBLES are around, but they are rarely noticed as we totally pass as "the real thing"..., but often far more entertaining. &

Anonymous said...

Not saying it's a bad thing, but what the fuck happened to Beyonce's knockers?