Thursday, 7 August 2008

Graham Bond

Here's the text i nicked from somewhere-

''Grahame Bond was an innovative rock musician from England, who would have certainly been more well known today had he not died at the age of 37. Bond sings and plays every instrument on this record, except for the drums. Although a musical genius, he spent a great deal of his time dabbling in the Occult and believed he was Aleister Crowley’s son. He was an innovator in the British rhythm & blues boom in England in the 60’s, and also the first rock musician to use a mellotron. His previous band, The Grahame Bond Organization (GBO), was known for playing the most evil-sounding and dirty r&b heard in the UK in the sixties. That band also included Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker.
Bond’s personal life included much substance abuse, and he was known for continually fighting depression. Near the end of his life, Bond’s friends say he was getting even deeper into the occult. He died under the wheels of a train in London in 1974, and his death was ruled a suicide.''

Here is the album

Love is the law

You need to check the myspace page here, i love all of the songs there so download them. If you're too crippled to know how to do it here is a sneaky link which allows you to get the songs off any myspace page. But don't use it because you will end up being bummed in prison because it's probably ileagle and what not.

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