Thursday, 7 August 2008

Winston Princley Jaffar

Winston P Jaffar was an LWF 'midget' wrestler in the late 80's. The son of a New York leather smith, he spent his early years as a stunt double for Hollywood movies and he would often be utilised inside animatronic special effects devices on set of films such as 'the never ending story' and 'flight of the navigator'. A notorious homosexual playboy and drug user, he never really got the mainstream appreciation he deserved. The decade just wasn't ready for him.
The LWF never really took off and Jaffar sank into manic depression. He emerged later in the mid 90's with several experimental synth-rock albums including the rare, much sought after 'MOON RIDDLE' LP. An album which the actor Dulph Lungdren was famously reported to have claimed inspired much of his work out routine at the time of it's release.
Sadly it seamed Jaffar could never really handle losing the adoration he had felt from the crowd during his time as a wrestler. After a short lived attempt at a career in the porn industry, he overdosed in 1999 and was found dead, dressed as his mother in his Amsterdam apartment.

'Synths, crack and body slams- The Winston P Jaffar story' is available now at amazon.

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