Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Bum sex, 1984 style.

In no less than 500 words, describe in full, the similarities between gay anal sex and George Orwell's Classic novel 1984.

I'm a proud straight male struggling to survive in the midst of modern society. If i was gay i probably wouldn't be into bumming (anal), but at the same time i wouldn't give a fuck what anyone else was up to. It always fascinates me how people can become so aggressively set in their ways when it comes to sexual preference. I'm talking about people of all sexualities. Whether gay, bi, tri or an Asexual wankaholic (they must exist), folk will often get so fixated on the activities they enjoy that they develop a kind of hatred for all other sexual practises, or maybe one practise in particular. You know what I'm talking about, any boy or girl who openly admits in public that they enjoy giving head will have been dissed for it at least once by some uptight little shit head. Well that is all light hearted mockery and what not, but this guy takes it to the next level. He's comparing the prevalence of bum sex amongst gay males to an Orwellian police state. He seems furiously determined to promote frot sex, or in other words cock-rubbing. Actually if I'm honest with myself, i'd probably be a cock 2 cock lover if i was gay, minus the wrestling/combat sport element.

By the way the link might be a bit strong for some readers who think they might turn gay if they see men fuck each other, or a close up of a bum-hole or something. But if you can handle that read on...


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