Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Prison Fetish

Any body who is a keen reader of this blog, anybody who pays attention or tries to get inside my mind to find out what I'm all about or spends an afternoon following me round town and watches me go into burger king to see what kind of stuff i like to order will know, i have an obsession with prisons. I'm so dedicated to my obsession i ordered the OZ box set containing all six series from ebay Hong Kong (yeah even series six where it went all shit and the guy got eyes tattooed on the back of his head). That set cost me about £80 or something and it sits with pride of place on my book shelf. But anyway i don't know why i love prisons so much, they just seem like some fucked up parallel universe which we don't really get to see in our everyday lives. I am interested in any kind of secret worlds which as normal folk we don't really know that much about like prisons or gypsy communities.

I'm going to upload this prison documentary for you...

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